Pads BMW

Pads BMWCar efficiency is determined by the equipment of high quality and reliable components. Original pads BMW presented in our company, provides high safety and excellent braking performance over so long period of operation as possible. Functions and materials are selected in strict accordance goals to complement regulatory systems of all vehicle dynamics. A characteristic feature of the BMW is the consistency of all components and to ensure their high efficiency during braking.

Material of pad BMW has the ability to adapt to the parameters of the brake discs as well as to retain its shape at high temperatures (even to 800 ° C).

Available BMW pads are fully compliant to requirement and undergo stringent quality control and numerous tests.

Benefit0s of pads BMW:

  • special composition to improve braking performance;
  • perfect corresponding brake assembly components;
  • optimized ventilation;
  • high resistance to deformation and heat-resistance.