Hyundai ix55

Hyundai ix55In October 2006 Hyundai ix55 debuted in South Korea. Then it became available on the USA market as a car of the 2007 th model year. It is noteworthy that in the United States and South Korea, the car is known as Hyundai Veracruz. The similar name was given to the cars in Brazil, Canada and China.

The crossover was developed on the Santa Fe platform with headlights same as the headlight for Hyundai Santa Fe and was designed to replace the model with Hyundai Terracan. The car has an extended wheelbase and three rows of seats that can accommodate seven people. The development of Hyundai ix 55 costed the Korean manufacturer $ 222 million and lasted more than 2 years. The basic equipment of the machine includes many modern systems: dual-zone climate control, heated seats and so on.

Hyundai ix55 model is equipped with petrol engine V6 in volume of 3,8 liters and output of 264 horsepower, 3-liter diesel unit with a capacity of 239 horsepower. Both motors are aggregated with Shifttronic six-speed automatic transmission that was jointly developed by Japanese Aisin Company. Hyundai ix55 is available in three trim levels: base, luxury and ultimate.