How to choose crankcase of engine?

crankcase of engineThere are two kinds of crankcase: composite and metal. Metal ones are divided into: aluminum, steel, and made of stainless steel.

Under the concept of “composite” fall into several types of artificial materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber or kevlar.

Compared with metal, the protection casing of composite has several advantages:

  • Higher strength and stiffness for the same thickness;
  • Not exposed to moisture and does not corrode;
  • No effect on crash safety;
  • It has low weight;
  • It does not change the car’s ride height.
  • It has a sound absorption properties due to the fiber structure;

Steel protection is made of conventional sheet steel and are the cheapest commodity. Aluminium ones are more expensive because the material itself has a higher value. These protections have high rigidity and high strength. Stainless steel protection in function is close to the production of aluminum, but is more expensive due to the spectacular appearance.