2005 Hyundai Elantra Test Drive and Car Review

But things got very aggressive in the US market case in point their entire lineup, has been refreshed it’s great and we can’t stop raving about it from the top we have the genesis of the equis all the way on down to the 2005 a lot. A big part of what makes this a lodger stand out is. Superior style so what’s called fluidic sculpture design language in it evident what those words mean the whole thing flows backwards beautifully. And they keep counting how all the cars these days are good 40 miles per gallon. This launch is no exception that’s thanks to the all new 1.8 liter engine under the hood gets 140 horsepower 31 pound feet of torque and it makes 29 miles per gallon in the city and the acclaimed 40 on the highway with the that the 6 speed automatic or the available 6 speed manual transmission.

2005 Hyundai ElantraThe launch is a compact car which means it’s small however Hyundai Elantra designed wizards pulled off some sort of trickery because I have plenty of room back here this seat is nearly all the way back my legs are comparable I’ve decent headroom though that fluidic sculpture design languages cutting into, a little bit but overall uncomfortable back. Amazing cream in their cars full of features from top to bottom in the locker is no exception. This is a lower trim car but you do have satellite radio CD player, and all that fun stuff for you to step up, a few trims and you get Bluetooth get heated seats. The list goes on and on. Entry level cannot think. Hyundai Elantra pulled off a neat trick here though the seats. Also installed new 2005 Hyundai Elantra headlights. Well they’re not much to look at. Comparable they’re supportive they’re pretty good buckets for car this price range. With the help of an economy car so there’s no sporting pretense. Here the manual transmission is. Surprisingly well put together it feels solid the clutch take up is immediately at the point you know where it’s going to be so.

It’s fun to drive it’s easy to drive but it’s definitely sports car this is all about fuel economy. Typically the steering Hyundai is dull and unresponsive. If this isn’t quite as bad as hundreds of past but it’s nothing exciting to write home about. Again no we’re not talking about sports car we’re talking about affordable con. And is looking to take over the game from top to bottom feel entre sits on the bottom but it could be a topic some other automakers one this is a good looking car that gets great fuel economy and its price wonderfully well is a winner.